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Kontrak Hukum is the only technology-based legal platform that democratizes legal services for businesses throughout Indonesia. We empower your enterprise with the fastest, most reliable, and easiest legal solutions. Our commitment to delivering quality, swift, and convenient services is achieved through the acceleration of technology, refined by expertise.

Kontrak Hukum aims to be a supportive partner for startups and SMEs, providing practical daily business solutions through legal and business services. We are committed to challenging traditional norms and transforming the legal industry landscape in Indonesia by leveraging technology. As a result, Kontrak Hukum has become a pioneer in the online legal services industry, trusted by over 5,676 businesses across Indonesia for our ease of use, speed, and top-quality service offerings.

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Since 2018, we have continuously developed and refined our technology to expedite the legal processes required by business owners for their ventures. In this fourth version, our focus is on streamlining everyday business needs, making our platform more interactive and integrated to deliver fast services that support your company in remaining competitive.

Comprehensive Legal & Business Services in One Place

We understand that your business needs extend beyond legal matters, which is why we offer a range of essential services at competitive prices, with simplified booking and processing, all in ONE PLACE. Everything is carried out according to the professional standards of Kontrak Hukum, trusted by thousands of our clients across various regions in Indonesia.

Establish Your Business

Legal Research, PMA, Representative Office, Intellectual Property.

Running Your Business

Permits, Legal, Accounting, Tax.

Outsourced Digital Business Assistant

Subscription-based services.



We have been trusted by numerous business owners to assist with their ventures. Our expert legal team possesses the finest skills and capacity to support your legal matters.



We prioritize the use of the latest technology to achieve efficiency and accuracy in delivering tailored legal services to meet their needs, all online.


By implementing the latest technology, Kontrak Hukum is able to provide the fastest legal services with an average SLA of less than 48 hours.

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